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An Irish Citizenship Test

I received this in an email during the week. It made me laugh, so thought I’d share it here. Anyone know all the correct answers? Or perhaps if your parents were Irish you’ll know some of these sayings.

An Irish citizenship test (think it’s more of a culchie test!

1)You are told that someone is “going spare,” should you
(a) Find him a job
(b) Find him a girlfriend
(c) Avoid him

2)Do your parents ever start conversations with “Do you know who’s dead?”

3)Ming the Merciless is
(a) A comic book character
(b) A TD and Mayor from Co. Roscommon

4)What is a holy show?
(a) Religious programming
(b) Something garish worn without the wearer knowing the impact

5)Do you live in immortal fear of leaving the immersion on?

6)Someone says “I like your top.” Your response is
(a) Thanks
(b) Penneys!

7)If a feature on the RTE news reports that an incident took place at tea time what time did the incident occur?

8)”Story horse!” translates as
(a) A child’s toy
(b) A greeting between friends

9)”Bleedin rappih” means
(a) It’s very fast
(b) It’s very good

10)If someone was a ‘gas man’, would they
(a) work for the gas company
(b) be really funny

11)You’ll get “some land” means
(a) you’re about to become the owner of some property
(b) you’re about to be surprised

12)Do you have an ineradicable belief in the restorative powers of flat 7up?

13)When you’re telling someone a great yarn and they implore you to “Stop,” do you
(a) stop
(b) keep going with gusto

(14)If someone offers to “put you in the pot”, should you
(a) flee from the cannibals
(b) accept their kind offer of dinner



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