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Retreats at Rostrevor

Over the years at Rostrevor Holidays, we have had thousands of guests. Arriving from all over the world, and from so many different backgrounds. For me, it is a great privilege to meet so many wonderful and kind people. I have noticed that no matter how stressed out, exhausted, or frazzled, guests arrive. After staying for one night, they seem to wake up refreshed and ready to deal with life’s challenges. I would like to claim that this is due to the comfortable accommodation we provide in the various cottages. However, I have to admit, that I believe it is more to do with the energy of the Kilbroney Valley, and the surrounding area of Rostrevor, Warrenpoint, and the Mournes. \nIt appears to be that for those who stay here, the peace of the area in some way resonates with the peace inside themselves.Retreats Rostrevor

Spiritual Retreats

This past weekend, we hosted a Bear Medicine & Feminine Soul retreat. Guided by author and Celtic spirituality teacher, Kate Fitzpatrick, participants found the space to rest and renew. The weekend offered, in Kate’s words “spacious time to gather yourself and nourish your soul before the winter. The light in October can be soft and beautiful – offering ease to go inward. The land in the valley of the Yellow River in Co Down offers this magic – a deep quiet .. to support a gentle time of ease and renewal. “I met Kate in June, after receiving a request to visit Rostrevor Holidays to see if it was something that suited her needs. Straight away, Kate felt that this was the place to organise her retreat. I was delighted to be able to link her with Tony of Leafy Greens & Co. who provided catering with a nourishing vegan fare. To top off a lovely weekend, Kate gifted me with her book Macha’s Twins A Spiritual Journey with the Celtic Horse Goddess, which I look forward to reading.

Writer’s Retreats

In Spring this year, BAFTA winning film and theatre director, writer and producer, Robert Rae stayed with us in Slieve Martin cottage. Robert was devising Blood Red Lines, during his residency with Derry Playhouse. The Theatre Peacebuilding Academy produces art that opens up a dialogue on these difficult themes, using drama and art as a means of healing. Eleven individuals from both sides of the community and the border, as well an ex-soldier, bravely shared their personal narratives alongside one another on stage. The result is a highly emotive and truly significant piece of contemporary theatre. It was an honour to have Robert stay\n with us at Rostrevor Holidays.

Religious Retreats

As I write this, the ringing of the bells from our neighbours, the Benedictine Abbey, has reminded me of the various guests who stay in the area as part of a religious retreat. Many will build a daily or twice daily ritual of attending prayers at the Abbey into their stay. Others have stayed whilst attending conferences or gatherings. Various Church groups have organised weekends away for their members. A chance to step away from the busyness of life and reflect on their own needs. Retreats

Songwriter workshops.

One of these days I will gather the songs that have been written by guests that have stayed at Rostrevor. When I do… I’ll update you here! Music in the Mournes was brought to us by Frontier Promotions. Krista Detor and Dr. Rod Tayor, along with a number of Ireland’s lauded writers, hosted this interactive, immersive, and interdisciplinary program. Participants had a chance to further develop their songwriting skills whilst also gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of Irish culture and its enduring and far-reaching contribution to the arts.The retreat included songwriting, poetry and literary rotations, one-on-one sessions with Krista Detor and Rod Taylor, wonderful guest performers and workshops, musical performances by Detor, Taylor and their guests, as well as traditional Irish musicians, day trips to Dublin, Belfast and the Narnia Woods of Rostrevor.

Nature Retreats

Rostrevor Holidays is located on peaceful farmland, grazed by horses (and the occasional sheep that break through the fences!) The Yellow Water river and the Cross River flow through the land. In Spring and Summer the fields are awash with the colours of the native wildflowers, in Autumn the cooler weather brings colourful foliage and a seemingly unending range of fungi. For those looking to for some eco-therapy, walk out the front door of your cottage and take a stroll around the nature trail. Take time to stop on the bridge and see the brown trout in the river. Or sit on a bench and admire the red kites and buzzards soaring in the sky. Expert nature tracker, Ronald Surgenor, pointed out that we had otters and pine martins following the trail.

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